With a kickoff fundraiser raising over $1,300 towards the new Deployed Deputy Program, the Deputy Sheriff’s Foundation began a systematic support of deputies deployed throughout the world. Beyond sending regular packages to those deployed—not just at the holidays—the program will also offer support to spouses and children stateside.

The DSA Deployed Deputy Program and the Sheriff’s Department will be working in conjunction to look after the welfare of any deployed deputy’s families and support our deputies when they deploy anywhere in the world in support of Operation New Dawn, Operation Enduring Freedom, and other military conflicts or missions.

Starting December 2011, the DSA will be supporting deployed deputies during their Pre-Deployment, Deployment, and Post Deployment/Reintegration phase.  The DSA Deployed Deputy Program was created to directly support our deputies, boost their morale, motivate, and show that the DSA and the San Diego County Sheriff’s Department will be thinking about them when they deploy to fight terrorism anywhere in the world.

During the deployed phase, the DSA will be mailing care packages to deputies, which will contain toiletry items, snacks, the Silver Star magazine, and other items that will remind them of home.

In addition to looking after the deployed deputy’s welfare, the DSA will be looking after the deployed deputy’s family left in the home front.  The DSA will be sending holiday cards and occasional gifts to the family until their loved one returns home from their deployment and are reunited with their families. Family members will be invited to DSA events and receive the Silver Star.

While the program will be starting this holiday season, the DSA will send regular care packages every few months, so that our deployed deputies know that we are thinking about them throughout the year. The packages will be sent to all deployed deputies, regardless if they are a member of the DSA or not.

To kick start the program, the DSA’s annual Children’s Christmas Party will raise funds. Attendees are asked to donate a minimum of $5, which will be used to purchase items for a holiday care package. Remaining funds will be budgeted throughout the year to provide care packages to the deployed deputy and gifts to their family. The DSA hopes to keep this program running as long as it is needed.

The association will be collecting cash donations to purchase items for the deployed deputies and assisting their families. In order to cut down on duplicate donations and a surplus of supplies, please do not donate any material goods without first contacting the DSA.